Our Early Literature

When the first meeting of Narcotics Anonymous took place there was no NA Literature, and since most of the early members came from Alcoholics Anonymous, it was their book that many had used. Even the Buff Book, and early versions of the Little White Booklet, were written in language similar to that of AA until 1976 when much of that language was changed to reflect our different approach to recovery from addiction. Our members began writing Informational Pamphlets specifically for addicts, more and more people found identification in the rooms, and our fellowship began to grow at an astonishing rate. By 1980, even Jimmy, who was known to have identified as an addict "and" an alcoholic, was now demanding that speakers no longer identify themselves as addicts "and alcoholics" because that was confusing to newcomers. Many were still using the Big Book because that is what they had and the need for our own book became obvious. With the help of Bo S. and Greg P. Jimmy was on a mission to put together the "NA Big Book" and there is a reason why the "Miracles Happen" book stops at 1979. The Grey Book was sent out, for approval in 1981, and would soon become our "NA Basic Text".