The Brief History of Narcotics Anonymous

In February of 1950, James P (Jimmy) Kinnon found his way into a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, in North Hollywood California. but he had trouble identifying with the alcoholics. He thought there must be something that could be done for people who used drugs, like he did so, in July of 1953 he went to AA World Services, and asked permission to adapt their Steps for use in a fellowship for addicts. In October of 1953 the first regular meeting of Narcotics Anonymous took place in Sun Valley California. The Little Brown Booklet was the first piece of literature, created by addicts, and used by the fellowship. It was also known as the "Buff Book", which was later revised, and became our Little White Booklet. NA became known as "The Hip Pocket Program" simply because the book would fit into your hip pocket. By 1966 the fellowship had grown to ten weekly meetings in California, and the Little White Booklet was revised to include six Personal Stories.