How the Tradition Wars began


In 1981 we approved a text for our fellowship, but before going to print it was altered to reflect changes sought by a few individual members, and the most important phrase "All else is not NA" was removed . . . This was the beginning of the "Tradition Wars . . .

  • NAW$ Claim: In 1984 the Fellowship voted to remove language from Tradition Four and Nine.
  • Fact: In 1982 the language was removed by four people in World Service.
  • Fact: In 1983 it was put back in at the Fellowship's demand.
  • Fact: In 1984 the Board of Trustees called for an "emergency vote" because a group from Nebraska questioned the decision in the form of a letter.
  • Fact: The letter from Nebraska was NOT a motion and the "emergency vote" was out of line with procedures and the Traditions.
  • Fact: Some of the RSRs protested, taking a vote without the Groups deciding.